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Library Equipments with furniture for a hospital, Water Filtration Systems in Schools and a passenger elevator for the Lebanese Red Cross Blood Bank

Three different social institutions were prepared with equipments that facilitated and enhanced the work and service they present to the society. Library equipments and furniture were provided for the Wardieh Hospital in Gemmayze, Beirut, in order to give the patients, employers and visitors a leap of faith and knowledge. On the other hand hundreds of students in eight new schools in various areas in Lebanon, are no longer exposed to viruses and bacteria from water, since they are receiving clean drinkable water after installing water filtration systems in them.

Furthermore, a passenger elevator was provided for the Lebanese Red Cross Blood Bank in Gemmayze, Beirut. This project came out from the fact that the blood bank is located on the third floor of an old building with high ceilings, making it difficult to blood donors to climb the stairs. The new elevator made it easier to the general public to access the blood bank to donate blood.



The First Rotarian to Climb Mount Ararat

The First Rotarian to Climb Mount Ararat and Raise Rotary/Rotaract Flag

Our young Rotarian from Lebanon and member of Beirut Cosmopolitan Rotary Club, Christine Gabriel Arzoumanian, reached the summit of Mount Ararat on July 18, 2012. Accompanied by a small group, she had made it all the way up to the 5,165meter  in four days.

District Rotaract Representative (09-10) Christine Arzoumanian, the daughter of former Mount Lebanon champion in cycling, had became interested in extreme sports especially mountaineering since adolescence and had achieved many summits in Lebanon and abroad. She had also ranked second in the women’s category of “Raid Des Cedres” 18-kilometer snowshoeing race in 2009 between the Lebanese Army, Lebanese security forces, UNIFIL, and civilian athletes both men and women.



Did You Know ?

Now is the chance to propose Mega Projects concepts to be studied by DGE Jamil for year 2013-2014.

If you believe you have an idea worth while, please prepare a study and share it with DGE Jamil NOW !!!

Support the Water Filters Mega Project

Would you like to support equipping all public schools of Lebanon with:

1- Clean Water Tanks

2- Three Layer Water Filters

3- New Installations

you will rotary clubs matching your amount through possible matching grants from Rotary International Foundation.

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