Library Equipments with furniture for a hospital, Water Filtration Systems in Schools and a passenger elevator for the Lebanese Red Cross Blood Bank

Three different social institutions were prepared with equipments that facilitated and enhanced the work and service they present to the society. Library equipments and furniture were provided for the Wardieh Hospital in Gemmayze, Beirut, in order to give the patients, employers and visitors a leap of faith and knowledge. On the other hand hundreds of students in eight new schools in various areas in Lebanon, are no longer exposed to viruses and bacteria from water, since they are receiving clean drinkable water after installing water filtration systems in them.

Furthermore, a passenger elevator was provided for the Lebanese Red Cross Blood Bank in Gemmayze, Beirut. This project came out from the fact that the blood bank is located on the third floor of an old building with high ceilings, making it difficult to blood donors to climb the stairs. The new elevator made it easier to the general public to access the blood bank to donate blood.



RC Beirut Cosmopolitan in coordination with many partners, which are: Rotary Foundation, RC Sao Jose do Rio Preto Alvorada- Brazil, RC Reno, RC San Mateo, RC Beyrouth, RC Beirut Cedars, Districts 2450, 5150, 5190 & 4480; helped in making these institutions a better place through service and goodwill.