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Car, Carpentry Specialized Laboratory, and Computer Lab to Happy Home Saida

Happy Home Center an association established in Sidon in 1985 Under The name of 'Association for rehabilitation of handicaps and ills'. This association was launched by an active and select group of workers in the Social field. The founders were bound by common expertise and experience and shared a common goal: unlimited philanthropy towards persons with mental disabilities. The activities are carried out at the Happy Home center which is located in Saida between Ain El Helwa and Mieih Mieih the two large Palestinians' camps in South Lebanon, it's a very poor area which most of the residences there from the Palestinian are not employed and live in a very bad situation in the camps.



Did You Know ?

Now is the chance to propose Mega Projects concepts to be studied by DGE Jamil for year 2013-2014.

If you believe you have an idea worth while, please prepare a study and share it with DGE Jamil NOW !!!

Support the Water Filters Mega Project

Would you like to support equipping all public schools of Lebanon with:

1- Clean Water Tanks

2- Three Layer Water Filters

3- New Installations

you will rotary clubs matching your amount through possible matching grants from Rotary International Foundation.

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