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Tripoli’s Disaster: Relieved Cause

For over a month, fighting in Tripoli (Lebanon) has been taking place. The number of deaths and injuries was very crucial; the stopping businesses affected the living conditions of many of our dear citizens and paralyzed schools from operating normally.

Disaster Relief Committee in Rotary and the Rotarians in the Northern Capital of Lebanon sent a ‘disaster relief ‘appeal for peace.




Many actions were taken to help our citizens to overcome this harsh phase, with help of many Rotarians from Lebanon and abroad. All of them helped in:

- Contributed to the Red Cross troops who were active in the conflict zones by securing bullet proof vests to protect the rescuers.

- Secured the urgent needs of the population in the conflict areas of Tebbeneh and Baal Mohsen, by providing them with survival food boxes.

- Established a database for the potential Rotarian blood donors from in Lebanon, with their phone contacts and identify the way to collect the blood in case the fighting resume.

- Established a Facebook page and promoted this humanitarian project.

- Opened a designated bank account for project specific donations.

Rotaractors, Rotarians and many donators gathered for this cause and eased the war’s results and aftermaths on many families and individuals since donations and help are still being received


The photos of distributing the donations reflect the power of Rotary and the change that it can do in the lives of many people and families.


Support the Water Filters Mega Project

Would you like to support equipping all public schools of Lebanon with:

1- Clean Water Tanks

2- Three Layer Water Filters

3- New Installations

you will rotary clubs matching your amount through possible matching grants from Rotary International Foundation.

Contact now This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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