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Relieving Tripoli’s Disaster, a Rotarian Cause

Tripoli, our dear city, is humming with bad circumstances where the sectarian war is still raging in the North capital’s streets, frightening and putting horror within our families. Many people have been killed in the past five weeks, and at least 250 wounded in clashes that have deeply worried the rest of the country. The citizens of this area need help and support. They are suffering from scarce in the basic humanitarian aids, and we will be working as much as we can to stand by our families and friends in Tripoli.

The three clubs of Tripoli: RC Tripoli, RC Tripoli Al-Maarad & RC Tripoli Al-Mina held a meeting and listed the top four priorities needed in that area. In addition to that, a bank account that was created especially for this cause.

Any kind of financial and moral support will bring light and triumph to our friends. For these reasons they have created a list of the most needed things, which are mentioned below in their letter. Please read, circulate and let us work to do everything we can to support this beloved city.

Our friends in Tripoli also created a page on facebook to stay connected and updated on all news. Please follow this link and join the group:




In view of the tragic situation prevailing in Tripoli,

And given that the international  NGOs have almost totally ceased their assistance and humanitarian aids to the Lebanese, as they are providing them only to the Syrian refugees in Lebanon,

And following an initiative by the Presidents and members of the three Rotary Clubs in Tripoli, the Disaster Relief Committee of D 2450 conveyed to a meeting that was held on June 1st 2013, attended by representatives of the three clubs, along with the president of the committee.

The attendees agreed on an action plan with the following steps:

1-   An immediate contribution to the Red Cross, active in the conflict zones, for the purchase of bullet proof vests to protect the rescuers.

2-   Address the urgent needs of the population in the conflict areas of Tebbeneh and Baal Mohsen, by providing them with survival food boxes.

3-   Establish a data base for the potential Rotarian blood donors from in Lebanon, with their phone contacts and identify the way to collect the blood in case the fightings resume.

4-   Establish a Facebook page to promote this humanitarian project.

A special bank account was created for this purpose at the bank “Credit Libanais”, in the name of our colleagues Nassim Dabliz, Tony Kahale and Bechara Habib, to collect the donations for this humanitarian project.

The account details are the following: Account number: 0041-594429-001, Iban: LB50005300CEUSD0041594429001 Bank: Credit Libanais SAL -Azmi-Tripoli-Swift:CLIBLBBX

Important Information:

The latest statistics show that the conflict zone is the poorest and most populated in Lebanon, with a high percentage of school dropouts and analphabetism. Not more than 1% attend universities, which makes the area particularly sensitive and ready to explode at the slightest political, military or confessional conflict.

The numbers gathered after the last round (number 16) in Tripoli are as follows:

·         The number of inhabitants of Bab el Tebbeneh and Baal Mohsen : 110,000

·         The number of persons  injured: 250

·         The number of casualties: 33

·         The number of habitable units destroyed: 350


·         The number of unemployed during the fighting periods is 80% of the total population of which 40 % are permanent unemployed.



Did You Know ?

Now is the chance to propose Mega Projects concepts to be studied by DGE Jamil for year 2013-2014.

If you believe you have an idea worth while, please prepare a study and share it with DGE Jamil NOW !!!

Support the Water Filters Mega Project

Would you like to support equipping all public schools of Lebanon with:

1- Clean Water Tanks

2- Three Layer Water Filters

3- New Installations

you will rotary clubs matching your amount through possible matching grants from Rotary International Foundation.

Contact now This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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